I work with clients at their own premises or remotely using web conferencing tools (Skype and Zoom)  to create process maps  showing how things work now and how they should work in the future. I use Lean Six Sigma and my TQM experience as a manufacturing engineer to identify in-process waste.  I also specialise in unravelling business process tangles. Here’s a recording of my recent webinar The Cause, Removal and Prevention of Business Process Tangles with Brian Hunt

I run process review and design workshops, typically starting the process review using my WOMBAT approach.

Development of processes can be guided by review against the requirements of quality management standards, regulatory requirements, organisational vision and goals. I work with you to agree and progress action plans to resolve problems and realise opportunities.

Process maps must be simple and intuitive so that all employees within an organisation can contribute to them, own them and use them.  They are business tools, like an architect’s blueprint, and should be available for use and development as soon as possible.

Collaborative and accurate process mapping is enabled by the power and simplicity of Universal Business Notation (UPN) and I recommend  For more details, please click here for some of the advantages of UPN and read my LinkedIn article At last, a free alternative to BPMN!

If you are interested in how I may be able to help you, please contact me