The Tangled Process of Dealing with HMRC

As I prepare to speak on Business Process Tangles at the 2015 Business Analysis Conference  in two weeks time, I’ve been thinking of some of the tangles that we have to live with .

Contacting your tax office is one example:  I’ve spend several weeks trying to get a tax rebate paid and this is the process I’ve gone through 


‘Tax doesn’t have to be taxing’  doesn’t work for me.  I find filling in my self assessment tax return time consuming, confusing and stressful, feeling that a mistake will result in HMRC making an example of me.   I’m not the only one who hates it – see

Navigating though my tax return is a tangle that I now leave to my accountant.  I agree with the principle of paying taxes.  But not when it seems to be a trap for the innocent and the unwary but provides a tangle that organisations can hide tax dodges behind.  The UK tax code as of March 15, was reported as 10m words on nearly 21,000 pages. The Hong Kong tax code, regarded as one of the most effective in the world, is less than 300 pages.

Tangles create jobs for specialists, loopholes for the those who can find their way through them and traps for the innocent and unwary.