My first few days of using Sparkol Videoscribe

When someone draws out diagrams and develops discussion using a white board, it’s a more interesting and far more powerful than looking at a bunch of presentation slides. Sparkol Videoscribe uses animated pens to draw on a white board. 

So I’ve decided to try it and bought a months subscription.

These are my experiences:

  1. It’s pretty intuitive and adding images to presentations is easy. These can selected from the Videoscribe library or imported.
  2. Learning how to use camera setting is one of the first things to learn as this gives you more control over the whiteboard builds (individual whiteboard areas are the equivalent to presentation slides). As you build the presentation, the whiteboard elements are added to a timeline on the bottom of your screen. The properties of each of these can be changed e.g. build time, colour, pen used, font etc.
  3. Creating a video and then adding a sound track is easy if you only want music running through the presentation. Again, sound files can be selected from the Videoscribe library or imported. What you can’t do is add your own speech to individual slides. If you want a narrated presentation you have to record this and import it. Then adjusting slide timings can be time consuming. If you need narration, planning the presentation and narration needs care – unlike using presentation apps, you can’t really create it as you go.
  4. Adding new content (i.e. a new whiteboard area) to a presentation can mean that all new elements of a whiteboard are now at the end of you timeline. Dragging them to their right location in the timeline can take time as each element of a build has to be selected in turn. Planning your presentation on paper first is a good practice

I’ve now created two and these are on youtube at and

I think Videoscribe is great!